Thursday, July 3, 2014

Basic D&D

In case you didn't see this elsewhere - WOTC released the 110-page PDF of Basic D&D.

DnD Basic Rules (PDF)

I'm looking forward to reading through this - especially before my Starter Set ships.


  1. Skimmed what felt like important things. I'm currently beyond impressed by the quality of the layout and design. Also, I'm glad they went with a different character sheet.
    As far as deep reading - not done yet, but what I have skimmed seems great. Admission of magic items being too expensive for everyday barter, non-humans aging as fast as humans up to late teens and some other things that elude me right now all left a good impression.

  2. I am enjoying it so far, It seems to be doing a nice job of bridging the gap between the various editions. :)


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