Monday, July 21, 2014

Spanish Swordsmen, Take 2

These guys are almost finished - I brushed them with thinned Army Painter Soft Tone yesterday after doing everything but dot the eyes.

 photo SB015-2s_zps6cd92ca1.jpg

The eyes are next - I've learned to do eyes after shading, or I often obliterate the eyes instead of highlighting them.

Not that I expect much time to paint this week or next, but I did have this brief time yesterday and so I took advantage.


  1. Nice. I especially like the third from the left. You have inspired me. I should post some of my miniature paint jobs.

    1. Thanks. These guys have been near the top of my "just take them out and paint them!" list for a while. I'm glad I did. That guy you like - with the purple sleeves - is my second favorite. That guy on the far right was easy to paint and came out very, very sharp, so he edged out the mail-and-purple dude.


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