Sunday, May 1, 2016

DF Felltower NPC: Marc Strawngmussel

Here is another NPC from my DF Felltower game. He was last seen during the dragon session. For more henchmen see my DF Felltower Henchman page. For the template used to make this guy, see Dungeon Fantasy 15.

Marc Strawngmussel

Marc is a big, strong, beefy chunk of man. He's not unattractive, in an assembled-out-of-slabs-of-muscle sort of way. He's slightly tanned, curly haired, and smells slightly of certain powders and supplements. He's rarely seem without a pec-revealing shirt of some kind. He likes long strolls along the beach while doing farmer's walks for distance, watching the sunset while doing 21s for his guns, and quiet nights by the fireplace . . . deadlifting.

Marc is available for hire for carrying things or kicking sand in people's faces to inspire them to buy training programs, although he only really likes the former.

ST 13 HP 13 Speed 5.5
DX 10 Will 9 Move 5
IQ 9 Per 9 BL 65
HT 12 FP 12
Dodge 8 Parry (Knife) 7

Meaty Fist (10) 1d-1 crushing, Reach C,1.
Large Knife (10): 2d-2 cut, Reach C,1; or 1d impale, Reach C.

Traits: Compulsive Bodybuilding (12); Fit; Lifting ST 5; Odious Personal Habits (Inappropriate flexing); Temperature Tolerance 1 (Cold).

Skills: Animal Handling (Equines)-9; Brawling-10; Carousing-12; Climbing-9; Knife-10; Lifting-12; Packing-8; Wrestling-10.

Equipment: Boots (DR2); Clothing (includes sleeveless mesh top); Large Knife; Personal Basics; Pouch; Wineskin (1 quart capacity).

Notes: Can carry 390 at heavy encumbrance (Move 2) and 650 at extra-heavy (Move 1).


  1. The mesh top is the real kicker here. Love it.

  2. I have a number of laborers in play; Clarence Montague, Ronhie, Lifty, 'Elga the Henourmous (an oversized ogress)love the template.

    1. I like Lifty.

      I need to make more laborers. It's a fun template.

  3. Barry Armstrong is basically this with another two levels of Lifting ST by virtue of being a Dwarf. Of course the extra Basic Lift goes straight into wearing a little mail and a helmet because dwarf. :3


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