Saturday, May 7, 2016

Participating in GURPSDay

Douglas Cole is the organizing force behind the GURPSDay posting phenomenon. He started the whole "Thursday is GURPSDay" tradition, and he started doing the weekly roundups of GURPS blog posts.

Now he's actively looking for more people to participate.

I'd like to encourage this, too.

The GURPS blogging community started out pretty small, but it's become a vibrant and prolific community.

All you need to do to participate is write a blog about GURPS. Your experiences. Reviews of the game materials. Characters. House rules. Monsters. Worked examples. Anything, really.

Then, you need to contact Doug and get included. Just check his post:

May is GURPSDay recruitment month

You don't necessarily have to keep writing about GURPS. Even a one-off about that one time you played Man-to-Man or how you plundered GURPS Vikings for material for your Harn-based D&D game is fine. All you need to do is write about and tag a post GURPS, and when that happens you'll get pulled into the weekly roundup. Fame, fortune, and cross-linking are just three of the things that could happen from doing this. Not all are equally likely, but you'll get the GURPS community's eyes on your blog.

And if you've never blogged before, it's trivially easy to set one up, even if only for a single post. We'd all love to have more people in the conversation.

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  1. Seconded; this week was my second week being a part of it. Quite worthwhile to at least check out the GURPS Day post itself, since there's like 30-odd blogs on there already.


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