Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Minis: TSR Gamma World Mutants

You've seen one of these before, but here are all three of the mutants from this old pack of TSR minis.

 photo Gamma World Mutants 002s_zpsv8kssm0d.jpg

 photo Gamma World Mutants 003s_zpsv7bwzbdr.jpg

I discussed the orlens paint job.

For the other two, I went Futurama for my colors. The lobster-and-tentacled one is based on:

- Dr. John Zoidberg

- Turanga Munda's tentacle color

- Zoidberg when he's molting.

I tried to make the little guy match Turanga Morris, but I couldn't get the flesh tone close . . . so I tried a wash of this overly-thin, discount-bin Spanish Olive "My Studio" branded paint. It's stinky, it's so watery it's like a water-based wash, and it's hard to control. But, it's on my paint shelf and in enough layers sometimes it makes for a nice self-toned color. That's what I did.

 photo Gamma World Mutants 001s_zpsda15nno9.jpg

Not sure what I'll use these guys for. They'd seem silly even in Gamma World, nevermind in a fantasy game. But I might find a use for the little guy as a morlock or underdweller. Or maybe he's the Stericksburg frogurt stand owner. That would fit.

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