Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Minis: the Meeposian Brothers

Three occasional NPCs from my DF Felltower game are the Meeposian brothers.

Here they are: Antonios, Demitrios, Leonatios of Meepos.

 photo Meepos 002s_zps4vbx3hri.jpg

 photo Meepos 001s_zpsxmhcerwi.jpg

These are minis I got painted from someone who was selling off a collection of 1970s era minis. I ended up basically redoing them piece by piece. At this point, any original paint is long buried under new paint. You can see little bits of excess flash that were painted over, too, especially on the spears. But partly because it's lead, partly because they're as much relics as playing pieces, I haven't cut that off and re-painted.

At some point I'll post their stats - the Meeposian brothers are pretty solid delvers and work well as a team.

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