Sunday, May 15, 2016

DF Session summary teaser

So I just got home from game, which is about 2 1/2 hours after I was hoping to get home. And I now I have an early client on Mondays, so that's not ideal. So, no summary today. I'll have to get it in tomorrow or Tuesday.

But here is a teaser:

- a long fruitful discussion about how to handle the orc menace.

- the PCs bribed their way past the orcs to get to a door to a new area

- the PCs picked the wrong door

- a descent into the flooded prison

- a meeting with the Warden and the crazies, last seen in session 41

- a promise to clean out some fishmen on behalf of the crazies for a reward

- a fight with fishmen, razor fish, giant electric eels, and a water elemental

- no deaths, but lots of injuries and someone got an arm bitten off

- we find out what kind of druid Gale is!

We ran way over time, so we ended right after a big long brawl with the fishmen. We'll do a split session next time - we'll finish the post-combat mop-up, the consult with the crazies, negotiating with the orcs over their split, and then run a whole new session.

Or people can just stay in the dungeon for a second straight session, giving up the shot at more character points and some downtime in return for not needing to bribe the orcs to explore more. My preference is the former, but I'll put the second out as an option.


  1. I'm all about the character points, so we're going back and bribing them again. Until we find an entrance where we can avoid them.
    Though I have an inkling the moment we find an artifact they'll want it, and we'll "renegotiate" by killing a whole lot of them. Or just killing a whole lot of them because we come back empty handed and they don't believe us.

    1. Considering that the moment treasure was discovered yesterday, discussion turned to "the orcs don't know what we found" and "they won't know how valuable these things are," "technically, we agreed to split what was behind that door . . . " tells me this is already "the moment."

    2. Agree. We'll need to get some good rest in the Warden's area before heading back up. Mo is severely wounded at -20 or do, I think, and Hjalmarr's leg is crippled (but I think not permanently, and will be ok if he heals back up to full). I'm not trusting the orcs. I also think the (1/4 of everything "behind the door") was the deal...fair or not, that's what we agreed to give them PLUS 1,000 silver. I don't think we should give them any of the loot from the mermen.

    3. I didn't see Peter's post before mine. Yeah...this could become an issue. :)

    4. Tom's point during the session was that the orcs are a biker gang, not a bunch of lawyers, is valid. Keep that in mind when you split hairs.

      And if you do split hairs, yes, they only agreed to 1/4 of your loot behind the door. But recall they never agreed to safe passage except to the door, either. Did you recall any orc say they agreed to give you safe passage to and from the "crazy pit?" Because not one of them did. You just demanded to go there, and they led you there . . . right out of orc territory.

    5. It's unlikely both positions would come up - the letter vs. the spirit of the agreement. But either way, you need to figure out what you want out of the agreement. It would be more difficult to get the orcs to agree to the spirit - "safe passage for one delve" and the letter - "only treasure found behind that specific door" - so that you get the best of both.


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