Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Minis: Horde Pygmies

I actually can't recall what line these minis are from. I bought a bunch of boxes of minis all at the same time at a pretty low price during a visit to The Compleat Strategist in NYC. These guys must have come in now-lost blister packs.

I had an island full of nasty blowgunning pymgies in my last campaign, inspired by one in Sean Punch's fantasy game. These guys fit the bill. They're not the only blowgunning pygmies I have or used, but I do like them a lot.

 photo Horde Pygmies 001s_zpsdbvlwemu.jpg

 photo Horde Pygmies 002s_zpsua9wyk2h.jpg

I have a lot more of each one of these, but these are the two types.

I gave them chocolate brown skin, white-and-orange helmets (made from crabs, I figured), knives of bone, and green robes so they'd plausible be camouflaged in the jungles of the island. It worked as a color scheme.

Looking at them again, it might have been fun to place them as palace guards in some tiny kingdom, and paint them garishly orange and yellow and red, like some warped Vatican Guard. But I needed guerilla cowards, not palace guards, so green-and-earth toned they went. It fit with their stats, too - solid Stealth and dangerous blowgunning skill, no real ability to survive close-in combat with normal humans.

Naturally, these guys featured so prominently in my last game that I brought them over to DF for Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 1. You're welcome.


  1. One of my favorite nuisance units, I like starting off with a useless plink against a well armored character... then a called shot to a more squishy extremity when the players start to think it's a joke.

    1. I'm glad to pass on the annoyance to your players!


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