Friday, May 29, 2020

SJG T-Shirt Kickstarter

Just passing this along - this Kickstarter closes Monday, June 1st.

I like that Car Wars shirt but it would have been better back in the day.

It's also another chance to get DF, DFRPG, and other gaming materials from SJG. And maybe some free dice if they unlock that.


  1. I like the "One Crit Wonder" shirt and will be getting that. It is frustrating, though, that there's just no damn love for DF or DFRPG. Yes, there's a GURPS Basic shirt, and that's OK, but what I find frustrating is that there's two TFT shirts. I haven't played TFT and I'm sure it's nice and all (I've seen a YouTube video where a guy demonstrated it)... But the DFRPG crowd could use a little attention.

    1. TFT is SJ's original RPG game. So I think it gets extra attention and consideration. I took a look at it and couldn't get very excited about running a game with it. Doug's writing a bunch for it, though.

    2. I would buy a Dungeon Fantasy T-shirt though.

  2. If they'd have lead with the illuminati shirt, I'd be in like Flynn...


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