Monday, February 23, 2015

Arrived: 5e Players Handbook

It took a while for me to break down and get it, but I did finally purchase the 5e Player's Handbook.

I was waffling on it, but it would have been handy when I needed to roll up a guy for Rob Conley's 5e game, and I got a pretty good deal, and I had a gift card to use that covered it.

It showed up today, right at lunch time.

 photo PlayersHandbook5e001s_zpsacb2787b.jpg

At a quick glance, it's a beautiful book, just like the other two 5e hardbacks. I'll be pushing this up the reading list as it's already been hard to put it down once I started to flip through it. I already want to make up a monk, and see how they play in 5e.


  1. Yeah, I wanted to try a rock 'em, sock 'em monk for Rob's game, but did Paladin instead. I agree, though - I think a monk probably plays very well.

  2. Not sure if my last attempt failed, so if this is a double-post, I apologize...

    I'm just kicking off a megadungeon (inspired by Felltower in parts) for my brother and some friends from back home. The party so far is fully non-magical - fighter, rogue and monk. Aside from low-level combat being super dangerous against groups of enemies (almost lost the rogue in a run-in with 6 goblins and their boss), it looks like higher-level play will be pretty cinematic. If you're looking for actual play reports, I can put something together for ya.

  3. The one time I got to play my 5e Monk, it rocked. I did spend a part of every combat unconscious, but I believe I did more damage than any other character at the table.

    This was at first level, playing through the first few encounters in Phandelver

    1. The thing that struck me about 5e Monks was that you really seemed to get great stuff every level, not just new HP, but a significant increase in class awesomeness.

    2. That's how the revised monk in Best of Dragon III for 1st edition AD&D was - instead of being anemic and slowly getting better, you started out okay and got new, exciting things to do each level. You gained a lot for what you gave up. The 5e version seems to share a lot with that approach.


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