Friday, February 13, 2015

D&D Cyclopedia on sale for under $5

Drive Thru RPG has the D&D Cyclopedia on sale for under $5.

I have both the Moldvay and Mentzer red box sets, the Moldvay Expert set, and the Companion, Master, and Immortals books. Does this add anything I don't have? Besides the conversion stuff to AD&D 2e, which I don't play or have books for?

I'm tempted to get it anyway, but is it just $5 to have it all in one PDF form since I have the rest in hard copy, or does this add things I don't have now?


  1. It's not just a compilation of previous rules, it's really more of a rule set unto its own. The rules here are as different from Mentzer and Moldvay as those sets are from each other. Maybe a couple of new monsters and magic items, but you'll have to dig to find the differences.

    There's a couple of concise summaries here:


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