Friday, February 13, 2015

Alb Irex (D&D5)

This is my character for Rob Conley's Majestic Wilderlands campaign.

Alb Irex (Alb Eye-reks)

Elder of Mitra

Level 4
XP: Min for level 4.

STR 10 (0)
DEX 8 (-1)
CON 12 (+1)
INT 13 (+1)
WIS 17 (+3)
CHA 14 (+2)
HP 27
AC 16

Domain: Life (adds 2+level to healing spells)

Skills: Religion, Persuasion

Cantrips: Light, Resistance, Spare the Dying, Guidance
Spells: 4/3
Spells Prepared: Hold Person, Command, Detect Magic, Cure Wounds, Healing Word, Lesser Restoration, Spirit Weapon

Scale Armor
Holy Symbol
Priest's Kit


I made Alb using the default HP and stat scores. I have to say I really like that - it's just easy and I feel like I have some reasonable choices but don't need to overthink those choices. At the same time, it spares me rolling and writing and spending 2:1 to raise Prime Reqs and all of that. I put his Attribute Increase into Wis, because, what the heck, be good at your job. I see Alb as persuasive and wise and smart, used to using his mouth and brains to solve problems in ways Mitra would be pleased with. He's no physical specimen. He'll fight willingly, he's just going to try brains and spells first.

Speaking of spells, I'd have taken Augury, but I can't figure out what it really does, exactly. I cast it and get some benefit, not a precognitive episode? I'm not following the idea behind it.


  1. Augury does give a precognitive episode but it only consists of a feeling whether the outcome of the plan of action is for Weal, Woe, Weal and Woe, or Nothing.

  2. The default stat scores really do work well. I initially balked at using them out of fear that characters built using them would all feel the same, but the wide variety of sources for modifiers to your score means you can tinker and personalize to your heart's content. I've been surprised at how natural my last couple characters have felt using that system.

  3. You are kind of going Laser cleric here, at least consider Sacred Flame as one of your cantrips. You are a level away from it consistently doing rather more damage than your mace, and at range, and it never runs out. Switch out Guidance for it maybe, because Life domain has Bless, so you always have that prepared.

    Look at Spiritual Weapon carefully. It eats up your bonus action, which means it takes Healing Word off the table when you cast it. Or at least, you have a contention between Spiritual Weapon and Healing Word. I find Guiding Bolt cast at 2nd level to be a better attack spell than, well... any of the 2nd level spells :). I also like Enhance Ability, lot of utility is packed into that spell, give it a look see.
    As a side note, you dont have to memorize Cure Wounds, lesser restoration, OR spiritual weapon (or bless), they are in your domain list, you have em available at all times.
    So, fill your the three generic slots you put to those guys with other stuff. Guided Bolt and Enhance Ability maybe :)

    Love the 5th Ed clerics, even if they have made all their "cool" decisions by 2nd level. You can get a long way with their spells.

    1. Thanks - although I was thinking "healer" here - so I don't really have any direct ranged offense. Hold Person and Command seemed like potentially peaceful or non-lethal ways to deal with problems, too.

    2. Thats fair, and both are great spells so no problem there. But they leave you light against non-humanoids (Hold Person) and the mentally fortified (especially undead). Maybe Sacred Flame just to have something to hit guys with, but pass on Guided Bolt. Maybe Shield of Faith or Prayer of Healing (bonuses, to anything, are damn hard to come by in 5th Ed, the +2 to AC from Shield of Faith is actually significant).

      What race did you pick? Your stats seem low for a human (of either choice). Far as I can tell, you just have your 4th level stat boost and that is it? No background?

    3. Human. I didn't go through the whole background choice thing. It didn't seem worth it for a character I'll only get to play intermittently. Besides, at a glance, none of them seemed especially exciting.

      I don't mind some gaps in my coverage - there is a paladin, another cleric, and a wizard of some kind in the party, plus others, so I feel like it's fine to focus and leave a gap.

    4. Backgrounds get mild mechanical support in the game, usually through the bestowing of one or two extra skills that allow you more free choice among the options for class skills.

      You did get the +1 to every stat for being human, right?


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