Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review: A Collection of Presentations, Cartographical in Nature

I got a copy of this thanks to the OSR Christmas sponsored by a lot of generous people and organized by Erik "Ten Posts A Day" Tenkar, of B-Team fame.

 photo MattJacksonPatreonMaps002s_zpsf1fb97d8.jpg

By Matt Jackson
Published by Chubby Monster Games
12 pages, plus printing on the inside of the front and back covers

This booklet includes 11 small, one-page maps. They aren't scaled, or either given hexes or squares. They're simple but attractive pen-drawn maps. These are paid for by Matt Jackson's Patreon campaign.

 photo MattJacksonPatreonMaps001s_zps76c3de8d.jpg

If you're familiar with Matt's work from his Moleskin Maps series (reviewed here), this is pretty much the same thing - only a little more so. What makes these stand out is that are coupled with a story setting up what the inhabitants could be/are, and the overall presentation.

This is just beautiful. It's got a brown cover, interior paper that appears as if it is old and yellowed (but is still new and strong), slightly rough edges in spots, and generally feels like a quality piece of printing.

The writing is clear and evocative, and the maps are the same.

Tim Shorts took a look at it back in July, but I just noted it and moved on. I'm glad I've gotten a copy of my own, because this is just nice to have, hold, own, and (hopefully) use in my gaming. Recommended.


  1. Peter, I am glad you liked your copy and I hope you enjoy using it at your table. If you need any of the maps in digital format, all should be available on my blog.

    1. Thanks. If you have a direct link for people to buy this, let me know and I'll put it in the review.


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