Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snowy trek in Felltower?

Today is our bi-monthly Felltower gaming session.

The plan seems to be to trek to the north and raid the orcs overland. But I use the real, outside weather.

So it's around freezing, the ground is covered with snow and ice chunks.

Lucky for me, DF16 covers:

- overland move rates
- snow (it puts you at 0.20 x hourly Move)
- snowshoes (puts you back to 0.50 x hourly Move)
- combined terrain (it's snowy, thickly-forested hills and snowy mountains)
- hours of movement (8, 12, or 24, depending on Survival and so on)
- fatigue for marching

It's all pretty straightforward, too.

The alternative is swimming in to the so-called water entrance. The abbreviated underwater combat rules in Yrth Fighting Styles has me covered there! Nicely, those rules take a little out of the throwaway line in the the Swim spell that can be read to make water effectively into a combat non-issue instead of improving your ability to function there like a native.

I like this kind of stuff being there. I could make stuff up, but it's nice to have a consistent rules base to fall back on when I know ahead of time what's coming up.

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