Sunday, February 8, 2015

My DF Game in 11 Numbers, and 1000 Posts

Felltower started as an unnamed Dungeon Fantasy game.

It didn't start with a megadungeon, although I decided very early on to use one instead of just throwing my players at GURPS-converted AD&D and Rolemaster dungeons.

The game was really meant to give us something to fool around with until we got bored with it, and moved on to other things games. A good default fallback, perhaps, from playing boardgames and card games - something we could just come back to when we couldn't decide what to play. It was a way to ensure the gaming group kept getting together on a schedule and not on a "maybe next month?" basis. After all, we'd been friends for years but all lived scattered far apart from each other, and without a regular game it was getting hard to make sure we still saw each other. So we started played DF back in 2011, first with a playtest of DFA1, then a quick re-boot using what we learned to set up a "real" game.

Here we are in 2015, still playing.

It's lasted beyond my expectations. Not my imagination - there are levels above and below places they'd explored, things north, south, east, and west of the dungeon they'd been raiding, and monsters and treasures as yet unencountered and untouched despite being in place (or in my head) since before the game began. They still haven't visited other worlds or fought dinosaurs or swam in lakes of coins after slaying truly horrid monsters. They may, yet - or may not. It's so heavily player driven I can't tell you if those things will happen, only that it's possible they could.

Remember my "Felltower in 11 Numbers?" post?

Here is my GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Game in 11 Numbers.

1 - Number of GMs to run the game.

2 - number of sessions we've set the game aside temporary to play something else - Gamma Terra, run by andi jones.

4 - Most characters run by one player (andi, with Fuma/Kulloch/Christoph/Asher).

5 - Number of races featured as PCs (Dwarf, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Human).

5 - total number of game sessions missed by Vryce's player. This does include the Honus Solo Adventure.

6 - total number of players with names pronounced John/Jon, Mike, or Andy. Yes, three names cover 50% of the group. We're hoping our friend Johnny joins and tips the three-way tie into a clear John/Jonathan victory.

9 - total number of different templates used to make characters (Artificer, Barbarian, Cleric, Holy Warrior, Knight, Martial Artist, Scout, Thief, Wizard).

11 - total number of different players to play in at least one game session.

46 - number of sessions in the same dungeon. Also, number of sessions in a row in the same dungeon.

55 - total number of sessions to date.

1,000 - number of posts on this blog as of this one. I've been a bit more prolific than I'd expected.

Here is to 55 more game sessions with these guys. Hopefully they finish the orcs off before then!


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