Sunday, February 15, 2015

DF Game - Short Notes

We played a long session of my DF Felltower game today. So long that I can't write the whole session up tonight.

A few things:

- the group headed down to the dungeon via the water entrance again.

- the PCs successfully fought a lethally powerful ghost.

- we had to stop mid-combat in the dungeon, since the PCs got trapped between a rock and a troll mob.

- did I say troll mob? I meant, troll mob led by Mungo the Giant Troll.

- the group is beginning to think that maybe this level is just a wee bit tough for them.

They might be right - we'll find out in two weeks. I'll put up details, and hopefully pictures, tomorrow.


  1. Replies
    1. As I said to my players, the Bones troll figures were $1.70 each. $1.70! Of course I bought enough for a mob.

      Actually, I put this mob of trolls into the dungeon, and then bought the figs, so it's not a mini-inspired mob.

  2. Rubbing my hands in anticipation here. After all this time, I'd begun to wonder if anything would prove too tough from them; how many guys went down into the dungeon this time?

    1. Four PCs, two NPCs - Vryce, Al Murik, Dryst, Asher Crestfallen, along with Father Keef and Gort. Raggi wasn't available. Sulking, perhaps.


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