Monday, February 9, 2015

Bones II Kickstarter finally shipping

The Reaper Bones II Kickstarter is finally shipping.

It only took 5 months from when it originally was supposed to happen. But Reaper has been generally good about explaining the delays, and much of it was out of their hands.

I got in on the Early Bird Shipping along with 2000 other people, so mine should be amongst the first 2000 shipped. I didn't add anything truly special or exciting into the mix, so hopefully there won't be a delay.

You can watch the orders roll along here:

Bones II Kickstarter Tracker

I do kind of regret not getting Expansion I. Had I been able to add it on later, I would have. But at the time, it wasn't a good enough deal for me to fork over $50 I wasn't sure I could budget to gaming. Oh well. I'll pick up some Derro on my own.

I got the core set, at least:

I knew this was happening, and I only have space on my shelf for one big box of unsorted Bones. So yesterday I took a little time to unwrap, sort, and box all of the Bones from Bones I that I hadn't done anything with yet. Amusingly I found that one of my boxed set add ons had two of the same piece instead of a left and a right. So I had to send an apologetic note to Reaper asking a replacement piece two years on. Oh well. They still make it, so it shouldn't be too hard to get a single piece.

But there is space on the shelf for my minis, and a slot in the to-paint queue for the cannon fodder they so graciously provided in the mix!


  1. If Rev Al dies y next character is Troll Slayer Sophie.
    Also please please let the Burrowing Horror be on the purple worm level of Felltower!

    1. Good choice.

      Yeah, that burrowing horror will be somewhere. All having the mini does is mean I don't have to convince andi to draw a counter for it at the table. :)


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