Saturday, February 7, 2015

Real Sword-Chucks

Thanks to Ken Clary, one of the GURPS Martial Arts playtesters, for sending this along.

It's a Polish martial artist who made, you guessed it:

sword chucks!

Well, technically, they're knife nunchaku.

Is this real, or a good fake? For game purposes, who cares? It's good enough that when someone says, how the heck does your character wield sword-chucks without killing himself, you can point to Kacper Borowski.

I am compelled to mention that GURPS has stats for sword-chucks, in a box of cinematic weapons on p. 223 of GURPS Martial Arts. Largely thanks to Ken Clary and Sean Punch, but there you have it. The cinematic weapons box strikes reality critically once again!


  1. Ha! That's great.

    Of course, the part of me that watches magicians to try and figure out the trick notes that he demonstrates the sharpness of the device then walks off-camera…

    1. I noticed that too. Although Ken pointed out in email that a butcher knife will generally swing blunt-edge first when dangling, so it's quite possible they are sharps.

    2. That's interesting. I've never swung knives around on strings/chains, so I've never had a chance to notice that. I suppose that it would depend on the amount of metal on each side of the balance line.

    3. I think it's just physics - the heavy side leading the lighter side when moving freely, and butcher knives have a heavy spine and a thin blade edge.


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