Saturday, February 21, 2015

Digging into the Bones

Since I got my Bones II shipment, I've been digging through and sorting out the ones I can paint easily and/or need to paint soon.

I found a couple things:

Mold Lines - Generally, I don't bother to cut off mold lines on the Bones minis. It's just too much of a pain, and so I just clip off tags or excess plastic and otherwise just go with that. They don't look as nice as cleanly filed metal, but there we are.

Gaps - My goodness, the gaps. The multi-piece minis always have these gaping gaps. I've taken to "gluing" pieces together with green stuff backed with super glue on the totally covered interior connection points. I've also started to put green stuff in the visible gaps between parts of pre-assembled figures. Basically, I need it on any multi-piece mini to cover the assembly joints. Annoying. Good thing I have a lot of green stuff.

Bones "Primer" - I've found my Anita's All-Purpose Acrylic Craft Paint #11134 Grey Flannel coats Bones quite well. It's quite thin, but it doesn't pool on the hydrophobic Bones. It's also a nice light grey, which means it's a pretty good base for either light or dark paints.

Good Mix - I've found the Bones II set is a pretty good mix. I like the various critter types I have, and some of the characters are very interesting and probably worth keeping.

As such, I took a few monsters and just started painted them up with the grey so they're ready to take a coat of paint.


  1. Is "green stuff" a technical term?

  2. Games workshop like to refer to their house blend of epoxy as green stuff; I used to use Mighty Putty back when Billy Mays was selling it.


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