Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bones II sorted

So weather shifted my St. Valentine's Day plans around a little, and I had an hour I could use to sort out the Bones that arrives.

Here is my Core 2013 set, sorted (more or less) and ticked off the list:

 photo BonesIIcompletesmall_zpsb20ff0ff.jpg

I have only two dupes (an extra skeleton, and an extra Pathfinder Villain), and one missing (a Pathfinder Hero). I also shot Reaper an email about that missing guy. I don't need him, but I paid for him.

So, let the trade discussions begin!

On the block are almost all of the individual "character" figures, with a few exceptions (Sophie, Mr. Bones, a couple others.) I'm looking for any monsters, any demons, any devils, any animals, and any swamp and water dwellers, pretty much. Characters are nice, but I have plenty of unique figures already, so the more fodder types I can get the better! I also have way too many big bases, so if you need such, talk to me.

I'd consider stuff from earlier Bones sets and other minis, so if there are character types you want, contact me and we'll work something out!


  1. I'm still waiting for mine to ship, but I might take you up on some trading later.


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